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Project Brief


It’s important to prepare a project brief so that all parties understand the project requirements and desired outcome.

  • A background to your school and the project

  • The objectives of the project

  • Expected deliverables (This is a statement of the required objectives.  It may be quite specific and quantifiable, either in physical or financial terms. It may simply be “the successful implementation of…”. Strategic consultancy is sometimes harder to define in terms of deliverables, but a brief should still be prepared)

  • Project timetable (This should include any critical path dates where slippage on this project may adversely impact other activities – for example, where advice on a kitchen fit-out can only be implemented during the summer break)

  • Relevant resources available to the consultant from our organisation

  • Reporting arrangements (Is there an expectation that the consultant will report to your School Leadership Team each month?)

Procedures and practices that must be complied with the form of contract and method and regularity of payment to be made (In some instances, a fixed fee may be appropriate, especially for a well-defined and short-term task. Staged payments may be appropriate for a project that has a well-defined table of deliverables against a timescale)

A typical project brief should include:

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