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Catering Consultancy

Providing everything you need

Contracted Catering

If you are unsure if your catering contract is providing best value or why your contractor is not performing as you wish, we can help you understand the issues and offer a range of potential solutions

Reviews and Audit

We provide the tools to monitor and measure your catering contractor while supporting your teams with clear and measurable objectives

Catering Tender Management

We will provide competitive tendering of catering contracts on your behalf to deliver best value through a compliant process utilising our own easy to use online procurement portal. We provide an entirely paperless tendering service

Additional Support

Our consultants will support your directly employed team, improving their performance through professional training and ongoing development of their skills and competencies. We will also review any operational systems to improve the productivity of your services.

Design and Project Management

Using the expertise of our design team, we support the development of every element of your catering outlet, from the overall layout and equipping of a new facility to the installation of replacement fridges and freezers through to tables and chairs for the dining room. We can also support our clients in assisting with recommendations of the appropriate fixtures and fittings and recommended cleaning methods to prolong the life of the building assets.

Purchasing Solutions

Our Procurement team oversees more than £2.5m of purchases per annum (e.g. catering purchases) on behalf of our customers, obtaining best value through market testing for catering provisions, equipment and consumables.

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